What Is A Minimal Wardrobe?

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So I literally have worn black 70% of the time since 2017, other times I played around with grey and whites. Some folks who knew me before 2017 have been asking me why I keep wearing black. Ridiculously, some people actually think it’s probably because I don’t have anything else to wear… hahahahha. It’s amazing what people think or how they misinterpret your choices right?

So basically throughout 2017 I have been yanking about minimalism, minimalist, minimal style, etc. This year, I'm going to be sharing lots of minimal style/wardrobe content, just in case you have questions about this style trend or concept.

Firstly, I’ll start with the word minimal. What does it mean to be minimal?

Minimal can be simplified by saying it is the DELIBERATE lack of adornments or general use of simplicity in any form of art. Hence there are various ways minimalism can be expressed; interior decorations, office, outdoors, lifestyle, photography, etc.

Now relate it to fashion, you can say that a minimal wardrobe is simply put, a DELIBERATE reduction of your style, colour and wardrobe choices to only basics. Most minimalists believe in the idea that ‘LESS IS MORE’ because that is the best way to describe minimalism.

Realistically, 80% of the time, individuals grapple unnecessarily to acquire every single trending fashion item… I don’t even want to start talking about cosmetics… These days, I almost avoid… though it’s really hard… to stay off YouTube as YouTubers are always putting in your face, every single trend… you gotta have it, whether you like it or not, whether you need it or not.

I used to struggle like most people trying to own lots of stuff (that I don’t need) until I discovered the minimal wardrobe concept. I tried to understand what it meant to be minimal in the first place. I also looked up and was shocked to find there are already lots of minimal style bloggers, which I intend to talk about in subsequent posts. However, my favourites are Figtny and Harper and Harley. These ladies inspire me so much, I can’t even begin to talk about how much inspiration I draw from their blogs.

What is a minimal wardrobe then?

A Minimal wardrobe is reducing the contents of your wardrobe to only fashion basics. Some also refer to it as Capsule Wardrobe, although they have a little difference. HerCourturelife is another minimal stylist that you can learn a lot about minimalism from.

Firstly, there is the colour thing. A minimal wardrobe features only basic colours, usually white, black and grey. Sometimes, minimalists can add other nudes like khaki, cream, camel colour, carton colour… minimalists hardly feature bold and bright colours… well, except for white. Some minimalists may like to have cheat days when they 'pop' a bold colour, like adding a touch of red... something like that.

The second thing about a minimal wardrobe is having the fashion basics; a black jacket, black pants, little black dress, a white t-shirt, etc. For me, I believe 'basics' can be different for several people. Your basics are those fashion items you cannot do without; it could be a stiletto, a bumper jacket, a blazer, etc.

Another feature of a minimal wardrobe is that everything must be relevant. To rephrase, I’d say, everything must fit everything, so nothing is like, that one item you only use once in a year… you know we all have that one item… well, I don’t right now, because I cleared out my wardrobe at the beginning of 2017. Now I have a deliberately curated colour scheme.

What a minimal wardrobe isn’t.

Some people think starting a minimal wardrobe means buying cheap clothes or not having many clothes, but that’s wrong. It’s a choice thing, you can have as many clothes as you wish, except you are sure you can match and used each of them interchangeably. However, because of the simplicity and flexible nature of owning a minimal wardrobe, you rarely have a piece that you don’t need, and the beauty of everything in your wardrobe rotating between only 3-4 colors, it is almost impossible to not be able to pair items of clothing constantly, thereby restyling each item to have a different look or appeal.

Pecks of my minimal choices
I believe that taking this step has been one of the most important fashion decisions I’ve made so far.

The most important and unique thing I have noticed is that this decision has opened my eyes to how I wasted a lot of money in the past, acquiring loads of stuff that I don’t need and yet I was never satisfied: and how you can actually use the ‘LESS IS MORE’ approach to living a happier life.

Trust me when I say this, with a minimal wardrobe, you will be more at peace, I mean I walk into a boutique, and all I see is black and white, if nothing in this color fits or appeals to me, I can’t buy, and I don’t EVER feel like I’m missing out on anything… it is a natural thing… you just realize you are happier and content with just a few and most important things.

What is your opinion on the minimal wardrobe trend? Do you think it is something you can pull off? I’d like to know the reason for your answer.


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