Minimal Wardrobe/Style Anniversary, The Experience + Best Looks

Wow! How time flies... I can't believe it's one year already since I pledged to the minimal wardrobe/style. I have been aching to share every tiny detail of experience and information I've had so far, but circumstances have limited me.

I must say, that this has been my best year yet in expressing my self through fashion. I didn't share as many posts as I intended to, but I assure you I literally wore only black and white and grey (sparingly) this year. I think blue and pink (once or twice) were the brightest colours I wore this year.

The amazing thing is that I DON'T MISS wearing bold colours.

Funny, but midway through the year, I noticed that the minimal wardrobe style has affected my general lifestyle choices. It made me truly realize how much I loved black and white, without knowing it. I literally painted my whole house white and was bent on getting only neutral shades for decor (I intend to share those details later in the year).

The best part of running a minimal wardrobe is SPENDING LESS and FOCUS. I do not do impulsive shopping, neither do I spend hours in a shop and end up buying something that I don't need. Also, EVERYTHING IN MY WARDROBE FITS and is RELEVANT.

Yes! I can pair almost everything with my wardrobe with each other. No piece feels out of place.

For the first time, I wore every single piece I own in one year... and of course lots of repeat outfit.

NOTE: These images have been ranked based on my top best. They are not the only outfits, I wore throughout the year, but I didn't post everything, so, we'll work with what I have here. 

Floral Peplum top by @pacisvichi (upcoming Naija Brand)
Chiffon Layered Maxi Short dress (Not branded)
Black Bodycon Midi Dress by Seraphine 
Bossini Long Three Quater-sleeved Cotton Top styled with a Black Midi Skirt
T-shirt (random) and Chinos Stretch Pants by Fast Fish
Black Short Pleat Dres by Whistles
Ankara Vest and Bell Bottom Pants styled with Turtleneck top and boots by Atmosphere

What do you think about my picks? Would you reshuffle it?

Happy New Year!!!

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