I’m back again, and I am excited to welcome you once again to my minimalist rants. Yes, I said I’ll do it, and I’m doing it. As at the time you are reading this post, my wardrobe clutter have been cleared and I am currently breathing in new fashion air….uooooooooh.

To be sincere with you, it is not easy to let go…especially of those clothes you’ve never worn or you’ve worn only once or twice…but hey, my thought process now is looking at the bigger picture. I’m looking at the endless possibilities I’m opening myself up to. I’m also excited about the fact that, when I enter a shop, I am so focused and know exactly what I’m looking for.

Color goals: 

For now, I’m not going extreme minimalist like Sara or Figtny who stick with just black, white and grey (though I am almost obsessed with their blogs & style). As a beginner minimalist, I don’t want to rush everything to avoid it being too overwhelming. I intend to keep some colors that I like, though not as much as white and black, like; nude, peach, sky-blue and pink. I will embellish my outfit with a little color here and there. Hopefully, if I sustain my minimalist style, I will gradually eliminate the bold colors from my wardrobe.

...this means that I’m keeping my white, black and greys, while adding a few colorful accessories in shoes and bags and blazers. 


For my wardrobe, I’d say basically anything beautiful, but specifically, Pants! Pants! Pants! I love those…they just make life easier, don’t they? From formal, to jeggings and laid-back maxis, I can’t wait to explore with different designs and designers.
I’d be investing in lots of pants just because I love them, hence, I’d be starting with pants, blazers and boyfriend shirts/tees...hopefully a few dresses.

I still kept some bold-colored blazers I just got before my bump started showing... I literally haven't won some of them, so I intend to just enjoy them this year, before totally getting rid of bold colors. One thing is certain though, I am not adding new bold colors to my wardrobe.

I was watching some videos by several minimalists on youtube, and my God! you need to see...some folks are really, one guy had only five pieces of clothing. How does he pull that off? 😕😕😕

...well, I'm definitely still going to have a wardrobe filled with clothes, except I will not own bold colors. 


I really look forward to working with lots of Nigerian brands like Mmakamba, Toka TokaJoon Clothings, Fablane by DerinGbemisoke Shoes, Amarelis, Style Temple, Frankie & Co, etc. I actually believe in the “buy Nigeria, Grow Nigeria” concept and will want to do my part in promoting our local brands. Nevertheless, I’m open for collaboration with foreign brands also.

Its amazing how Nigerians are becoming more versatile and more'll be shocked to find that there are numerous individual and group brands springing up every year. Hence, as much as I'm targeting the big guys, I'm also on the lookout for smaller brands to work with.

That being said, just in case you are a brand and would like me to promote your product or service on this blog, kindly reach me here or here

Chiffon blouse by Atmosphere shop similar here or here
Black Cotton Pants by Bossini 


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