REVIEW: #XperienceXpression with Xpression Ceres

Today I'm bringing you another one of my crochet braids styles, courtesy of the X-pression Brand yet again. Did I mention that my reviews on their products here and here this year were sponsored?

Well, so is this one.
...actually they sent me 4 packs each of Nike, Besta, Ceres and Curly Braids. I love to use products before reviewing take note, just in case.

Before now, I was using only the X-pression Kanekalon for braids, but with the crochet braid trend, I fell in love with all their crochet products. I must say that I'm totally sold to crochet styles and I am glad Nigeria has a local brand that meets my style needs. 

Do I love the X-pression Ceres? Yes, and it is because of the amazing stuff you can do with it. You can use the hair for various styles (as indicated in the pack) and even come up with your own style (like I did). Each pack costs between N1000 – N1500 and I used Just 1 pack for this particular style. Depending on the look you are going for, you can use more than one pack, if you need the hair to be very full.

In a pack, there are six bunches of hair. Cut each of the bunches in two (equals 12), then out of each half, make out 5 braids for instalment. In essence, one pack can get you (5 x 12) 60 braids. Roll each braid on your perm rod, put them in a bowl and pour hot water. Dry the hair in a towel, then detangle them form the rods.

Braid your hair. I made medium size braids upwards, to the centre of my scalp. Do 4 big braids in front, joining them with the tips of the smaller ones. Start installing your braids.


I loved the hair, and I’m yet to explore the hair and I will do well to keep you posted on my findings. Anyway, I wore this style a week, majorly because the hair got strong and sponge-like. It was dull. I did try to moisturize it and apply oil, but it got worse. So far, I think this hair isn’t water friendly (if you are wearing it as coils).

I recommend that you use it for braids (kinky braids), which you can curl after braiding…as seen in the pack. That should last longer. You can also use it to fix ‘afro’, for which you do not need to immerse it in water. In this case, you will be wearing the hair in its natural state. It Also lasts longer with this style too.

side flip
Have you used this product before? Do you know any similar product that can be used to achieve the same look? Kindly share your thoughts and experience in the comments section.



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