"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." ~Hans Hofmann

As a lifestyle blogger, one of my areas of interest is fashion: when I share my posts on social media, one of my favourite hash tags is  #fashionblogger, and I myself have come to question if I have earned the right to use it. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Finally, you got it!” or “Don’t be too hard on yourself.”… Trust me, I have gone over this for such a long time that I began to question everything I wear. As a result, my fashion page is suffering (lack of updates).

Being pregnant this year really helped me put things in perspective because the condition didn’t afford me the luxury of focusing on fashion so much; my maternity outfits were just all I had to deal with. However, I felt a vacuum between fashion and me and I knew that once I put to bed, I wanted to do things differently. I visit and follow lots of fashion bloggers, I love fashion, I know fashion, but my challenge was knowing and finding what is right for me.

I’ve been watching the show ‘fashion bloggers’ on E!, so I followed all of them on all their social media handles. I started though with visiting their blogs (which I totally adore) and one stood out (for me) i.e. by Sara Donaldson. The rest of them,,, and are really really great successful bloggers. In fact, their show started at a time I was facing lots of challenges as a blogger and they really inspired me to stay on track and keep doing what I’m doing. They played a key role in the fact that I'm still blogging today.

Anyway, I fell in love with Sara’s blog, mostly because of her concept of reducing her wardrobe to white, black and grey. I was curious. How does one work with only three colours for a whole wardrobe? I took a tour (still taking) of her blog and I was quite satisfied with what I was seeing. I also checked out lots of fashion bloggers, locally (Nigerian bloggers) and internationally: I found lots of them appealing, but the ones that stood out were the MINIMALISTS. I love the concept of minimalism in fashion and it seemed like something that will totally work for me.
What does it mean to be minimalist in fashion?

Minimalist style (a.k.a capsule wardrobe) in fashion is the concept of limiting the content of your wardrobe to only items that work for you and can totally pair with each other to create different outfits. It is a concept that helps you spend less, while you have more. The capsule wardrobe in that you are limited to a certain number of pieces of clothing to work with for a given period of time: it could be seasonal, quarterly or yearly...your choice

Halleluyah! God bless whoever came up with this.

I mean…I have loads of clothes that I don’t wear, even in two years, and yet, I give out my clothes every now and then…still, I have a crowded wardrobe filled with clothes that make me feel like I don’t have clothes. Ooops! I just hit jackpot! I knew exactly what I had to do…clear out time my friend!!!
I intend to try a minimalist style throughout 2017, with a touch of a few bold colours. I haven’t concluded yet with my choice colours to work with, though white and black must be featured. I also won't go the extreme of using only 3 colours for all my outfits. I have started clearing my wardrobe, I'm yet to determine what I have left and what will be added. I hope you stay tuned for all future updates on my minimalist adventures. I look forward to sharing all that with you.

Enough about me now, it's your turn...

What’s your personal style? Are you feeling lost or uncertain about your fashion choices? Do you do impromptu shopping and end up filling your wardrobe with ‘unwearables’?Share your story with me… and don’t forget to let me know other topics you would love to see on the blog.

Love ya, and thanks for taking out time to read this post. I hope to hear from you soon.


Till next time...


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