by - November 25, 2016

I have decided to take the bull by the horn and finally do this post. This is me doing what most bloggers are thinking in their hearts or wishing for. 

It is sad to note that in my part of the world (Nigeria), unlike our colleagues in other parts of the world, a large percentage of the population still see bloggers as jokers or
lazy time wasters. The concept of a full-time blogger is still far-fetched and you will be utterly dimmed “unserious” if you by any chance mention that the only thing you do for a living is blogging. Even with the likes of Linda Ikeji, Style Vitea, Onobello, Bellanaija, etc. trending…in fact, it is so bad that if you start making it as a blogger, next, they start spreading rumours that you are probably sleeping around to get money or any other gossip that seems reasonable.

Blogging is not a joke! It is not easy…even if you are just blogging about your hubby or personal life, not necessarily for business purposes. Whatever type of blogger you are, you still need to understand the basics of blogging, from how to start a blog, to how to insert CSS codes in your blogs. You need to know how to maximize your social media sites, invest financially to increase your followers and subscribers (generally increase your online presence), etc. Bloggers invest a lot of time, money, energy, creativity, talent, skill, etc. into what they do, and all they are asking for is a little support from you.


Follow: Yes. If you have any favourite blog where you always go to squeeze out all sorts of information from or a friend, acquaintance, relative, etc., why don’t you just support them by following them? Yes, I must admit the processes can be long sometimes, but at least, once you have a gmail account, you can follow anyone that uses the blogger platform just with a click on their follow button (like the one on the right side of this page). Your yahoo account also allows you comment on other platforms without much ado. Furthermore, you can also extend your following to instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.

Share: This is very important. I’m just thinking as a layman, let’s say the process of following is too long, but sharing…all you need is to click any of the ‘share buttons’ options available on the webpage. This action will lead you to your own page, where you get to share it with your friends, followers, and contacts. Imagine how many people will also like the post and share, just from the link you posted on your page/timeline. In fact, your sharing, does far more greater good than just following.

Why do I think so?

When you follow, it’s just one more person added to the bloggers community (still very important), but when you share a post, you open a door for thousands of people to visit the blog, like the post, share it and if possible follow the blogger. You see?

Leave A Comment: This one cannot be over-emphasised. As much as we bloggers derive great joy from blogging about the things we love and are passionate about, but you see, it’s not just about us. That is why we have a niche, a demography that we aim to reach. So if you constantly visit this blog, you probably are interested in fashion, beauty, hair and lifestyle. You also probably, like to take a peek at my product review page to see what’s new or trending.
Every blogger appreciates your visits, but we mostly appreciate your comments. This is because it gives us insight into what our readers are thinking, for example; about the page design, topic, questions, suggestions, what they want to see more, etc. Just sweeping through the pages and not living a comment makes it difficult for bloggers to build relationships with their readers. Since I learnt this, I hardly leave a blog without dropping a comment.

Buy and Market Their Products: Ok, this is relative as not all our friends and loved ones may need what we are selling, but even when you don’t need them, you can help us market it still by sharing the product links on your social media sites and talking about it to other people. Most bloggers fund their blogs by signing up as affiliates for various brands, hence clicking on and purchasing products THROUGH THESE LINKS ON THE BLOG enables your blogger friend to earn a little commission for which he/she can use to fund their blogs.

I am certain that you should be able to do one or two among the these four ways to help a blogger. Why don't you start now. leave a comment after this post, let me know what you think or anythin I left out. Scroll through the right widget section and follow me or join our community...and don't forget to share the post.


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  1. I love this! We all need to share the love! Blogging is definitely no joke and I finally have my family coming around to it but especially living a small town people don't understand it or don't want to understand it it's all about education and college blah blah haha don't get me wrong it's a wonderful thing but it's not for everyone! I want to break that mold in my small town and with others supporting one another it's vital for family and friends to support us too even if they don't understand. I'll be spreading this on social media and pinning this it's so important!!!

    Jasmine :)

  2. I'm certain it's worse here, especially when dealing with people who don't like to read. I guess it's part our responsibility to sensitize people around us on the importance of reading and gradually keep telling them what we do, and hope they'll come around someday. Thanks for the spread on social media too...I greatly appreciate it.


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