My Xperience With Xpression Nike

Hello and welcome to Winniesstyle if it's your first time, if not, I'm so glad to have you back on my X-perience with X-pression Series.
I finally uninstalled my  X-pression Besta which I wore for 7 weeks. I decided I will wear it till I put to bed (which I did). I also restyled it by changing it from straight to curly. It was
a beautiful experience and the hair was still totally good by the time I uninstalled it. I just don't know how to wear hair for so long.
Anyway, enough with the x-pression besta!
Today is all about Xpression Nike Crotchet Braids. I mean, before now, to be sincere with you, I thought it wasn't beautiful or my style, but trust me...I've learnt not to judge till I try it on. I must say I wasn't disappointed at all. Due to my cornrow pattern and size, I had to use more this time. I used 4 packs of the braids which costs between N1000 - n1500 depending on where you are purchasing it. It also comes in different colors, though I used color 1, i.e. black.
If you really want a full hair, I recommend the four pack, and you try and cut your cornrow in smaller sizes. The hair is not so heavy, though it is heavier than the Besta. It also has a very fine shiny look, all you need is to spray some oil sheen on it every now and then to keep it's shine.

I'll also recommend however that the brand improves on the product by giving it a 'fish' tips effect, i.e pointed tips. looking at the back view picture below, you will see how it looks from the back. the strands are not of equal length, and it really looks untidy. Apart from that, the hair is good-to-go!

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