Crotchet Braids Using Expression Besta: In Collaboration With X-pression

Wow! I'm so excited to share this post, being my first collaboration. I mean, it pays to be passionate about whatever you do as you don't find it difficult to really bring your personality into your work, so much so that it affects others positively, which in turn benefits everyone involved.


A few weeks after my review on Naomi Boom, I was approached by an expression marketer to visit the company for a free hair-do, however, being that I don't live in Lagos and traveling is a no-no for me right now, we decided to look at other options. Eventually, the company sent me different sets of their crotchet braids products...I didn't even know they existed. I must say I am truly glad that through this blog, I can help brands publicise and review their products, as well as drive more sales for them.


The product I used in this post is called X-pression Besta in colour 1. It is like the dread locks which we spend a whole day at the salon making (not to forget the pain and agony involved), however, it is quite light. For this look I used three and a half packs. (if you space out the back, 3 packs should be enough, except you really like the very full hair) One of the things I really appreciate about it is that it is quite light and easy to manage. I can even get a ponytail with it. It comes with about 40 strands in a pack. It took me about 3 hours to make...while I was sitting on a couch in my living room, and watching Single Ladies. This is the most interesting part of it. Normally one would spend a whole day doing this in a saol, but I started around 9:00pm and finished around 12:30am. It's synthetic and would blend quite well with an unrelaxed hair.

Just in case you still want to learn more about this product, check out what Ella Medupin of has to say and stay tuned for more on crotchet braids styles with x-pression.

Finally, have you used this product before? Do you know any other brand with similar products? What has been your x-perience with x-pression so far?



  1. Lovely! Keep it up blogger Dalu!
    Wonderful advert for XPRESSION too!

  2. Lovely! Keep it up blogger Dalu!
    Wonderful advert for XPRESSION too!

  3. Very nice hair style and congrats on your first collab.

  4. Oh! Thanks to you both...I don't know why i can't open the 'reply' box, but I appreciate.

  5. Great look! Check out these product photography services, it may be more affordable!


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