Meet Two Models That Has Inspired Me

Many people are stuck in a lifestyle because they let circumstances dictate their level of achievement. Now, if one is stuck, it means you want to get out if given the opportunity. the questions now is, how did you get stuck in the first place? Do you wish to remain there or will you do something about getting out of there?

Why do you feel like you're not good enough? why do you feel inferior? What is that condition, be it physical, financial, material, etc that has so far stopped you from taking that important step or decision that can change your life for good?

You see, I read a lot...may be not novels and great literature, but I read to equip myself in the area I believe are relevant for my advancement. In the process of reading, I came across some unique personalities. People who have had it tough in life, but din't let it stop them. Instead, they pushed and pushed till they broke out of that limitation.

These people have become a source of inspiration to me. I must admit that life has dealt me my own share of blows over the years, but like these people, I have learnt to break out of circumstances that try to limit me or stop me from progressing.
Let's learn from these ladies:

  • Melane Gaydos: This 27 year old model  has ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic disorder that affects the growth of teeth, nails, porse, cartilage and bones. Despite her condition, she is a successful model.  

  • Chantelle Young Brown: Now known as Winnie Harlow, this Canadian model decided she wouldn't let her skin condition stop her from becoming who she is. She featured as one of the contestants in Americans' Next Top Model, and till date still modelling for top brads around the world.


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