8 Things You Must Consider Before Blogging

by - November 09, 2015

The fact that you are here shows that you are either a blogger or you intend to be one...or you could also just be passing through. Which ever one, this post is geared towards helping newbies in the blog world take their baby steps towards blogging. I wish I knew a lot of the things I know now when I first started. However, if I never made the mistakes, I may not appreciate how far I have come already...still learning everyday though. I learnt a lot from other bloggers and therefore feel the need to help others grow too.

In recent times, blogging seems to have become the newest cool thing after social networking. many people have dabbled into it without proper self diagnostics to ascertain if it was a venture worth taking on or not. While others are blogging for fun, some are blogging as a business, while some folks, mostly individuals with a special likeness for quick-money-schemes jump into it for the hopes of making quick money in no distant time. We should all have a purpose, a mission before starting any business...yes, blogging for  me, is a business, and one needs to plan, set goals, etc. before starting.

With this in mind, I have decided to share my thoughts on seven basic things every aspiring blogger should consider before starting a blog blogging.
  1. Are you passionate about blogging? Blogging is something born out of a passion/desire to share an aspect of one's life to the public. If you don't have the passion, you can't blog. You may start, but you will not be able to sustain or maintain it. 
  2. Are you focused? What do you want your blog to be about? Have a direction, your blog's focus is what will determine the kind of visitors and traffic you'll have. Do you have the ability to stick with a thing? Can people look at you and know that this is what you stand for, or like, or what works for you? the choices you make on daily basis go a long way to form what your blog will be all about.
  3. Do you have the tools? You MUST have the tools...at least a laptop. I don't think you can be a successful blogger if you'll be blogging from business centers.
  4. Can you use the tools? Blogging isn't something you do with just basic knowledge of microsoft word. You need to know how to use apps, if possible create them (though not the basic thing), etc. Nevertheless, basic microsoft skills and the ability to navigate the internet should get you started, but you need to equip yourself more, if it's something you need to do on a long term.
  5. Do you have the time? Blogging demands at least 5 hours of your time daily. Except you are a full time blogger, it doesn't have to be on a stretch.
  6. Are you patient? This is like the ultimate one. It can be frustrating, from finding the right platform for your blog to designing, registering a domain, getting traffic, getting people to like and follow your blog, etc. I've been blogging for three years now, but I've been most consistent this year (I opened this one this year).
  7. Consistency. This is one very key part of blogging. The moment you go dormant for awhile, so does your visitors/followers. Once they get used to you not posting new posts, they start losing interest in your blog. Next, they stop visiting. Once you start, except you are quitting, make up your mind to be consistent.
  8. Do you have an open mind? As soon as people start commenting on your posts and emailing you, be sure that not everyone will like your blog or a certain post. Do can't let stuff like that discourage you or make you quit, instead, be ready to learn! learn! learn! 
I hope you give time to consider these things. Use pen and paper, answer these questions or jot down your thoughts as these will give you the push you need to start your first steps as a blogger. 

Now its your turn. 

Was this post inspiring? Did you learn anything? What else could I have mentioned, and/or what would you have done differently from the beginning? Leave your comments because yu might be helping me or someone else.


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  1. LOVE this post, I hope it'll reach a lot of non-bloggers. Sometimes they underestimate all the work we put into blogging. :)


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