6 Simple Steps to Changing Your Wardrobe

Recently I found myself at that point where I got tired of all the old stuff and the desire for new things seemed so overwhelming. I thought about how to update my wardrobe without loosing all my stuff or not regret getting rid of stuff.

Usually changing your wardrobe isn't some desire that just springs up from nowhere, it usually signifies one or more of the following: a new level of maturity, a change in personality, a change in style, fresh acquisition of some sort of wealth/income...which usually results in a desire to buy new stuff. Whatever the case, the point is, you want to change your clothings, right?

Except in a situation where you have thousands of dollars at hand to acquire a fully loaded closet, the mistake people make is to clear everything all at once and then begin to buy new ones. Well, if you're that confident, be my guest. If not, let's follow these few steps to get that wardrobe ready for a whole new you!

  1. Start from the oldest stuff, throw some things out. I don't literally mean it. You can give them out. Remember, don't give out something you wouldn't still wear.
  2. Check for the ripped garments, those ones you've mended a couple of times and those ones that are quite old....literally throw them away.
  3. Check for those items you thought would size you one day (which never did), kindly look for someone it'll fit, give it out.
  4. I would ultimately give most things away, but if you are not like me and aren't so much into giving, pick out those items that are still very much new...let friends, colleagues, etc know you're selling out some stuff (like a garage sale you know).
  5. By now your collections would have reduced drastically. Now you are probably left with things you still use quite often. Though you certainly aren't crazy about all of them. Pick out those I'm-not-crazy-about-you cloths and accessories, give them away.
Now you have just enough to hold body and soul together till you're 'fashion-haul ready'.
     6.  Start shopping. 
Don't wait till you have all the money. Start one dress, shoe, belt, skirt or top at a time. Shop as soon as you have the cash, then watch as your wardrobe comes into existence.

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