Ok, I don’t want to talk too much, so I’ll just go straight to the point. Here are 10 things you can do to save your beauty cost:

1.     Paint your nails by yourself.
2.     Retouch your hair by yourself.
3.     Loose your hair at home by yourself.
4.     Wash your hair yourself.
5.     Do your pedicure by yourself. Find out what you need, buy them and do it yourself.
6.     Most men don’t know the difference between human hair and synthetic hair, so what’s the hullabaloo about human hair? If you can’t afford a particular hair now, kindly let it go. It’s not the hair that will give you all the love you need.
7.     Blow-drying and tonguing of hair can be done comfortably at home if you save up money to buy the tools. Just let go of the expensive hairstyle for some months, you’ll be able to buy most of these things to use at home anytime you want.
8.     Let go of unnecessary, expensive and continuous fixing of nails, they are in more ways harmful to the nails than they look fabulous on you.
9.     Get a friend to help with stuff like loosing your hair, tonguing, blow-drying, etc.
10. Be content with such things as ye have. This is the ultimate of them all. I’m not saying be content with messy and tacky nails (for example), but appreciate the things you have and let go of the ones you can’t.

However, dream big and have faith, in due time, you’ll be able to acquire the things that seemed far-fetched in the past.


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