Blondie Sunday Look

by - September 16, 2015

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   I  would love to state emphatically that I am so tired of apologising    for not being available. its as though the universe has plotted to          keep me busy the past couple of weeks. I've barely had time to do      anything else outside work.

Anyway, if you read my post
on That Bohemian Girl Gone Natural: Why I'm Going On A Weave-Cleanse! you'll know my last post was about me going on a weave cleanse the next few months to give my hair/head a break from all weave on drama. To be sincere with you, I haven't had a headache in a very long while. in fact, I think the last time was before i remove that last bohemian curls.

Well I'm back with a new look...different...not-the-usual-me look. I saw this lovely hair in the salon and decided to take it home with me. It is a gold/blond coloured wig. I haven't used the colour on my hair before, but I figured I have to learn to try new things (as per beauty blogger. *winks*)...and I loooove it. What I love most about it is the different look it gives me. follow this link to view what people are saying:

I got this for about N4000.

It is synthetic and heat resistant. All you have to do is apply enough oil-sheen spray to it. brush, wear and style the bangs to a desired look. I thought the bangs were too long and covering my eyes that's why I brushed them to the side.

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